Chhota bheem&Krishna – The rise of Kirmada

Published November 18, 2012 by niveditablogs

Hello everyone! As you know you have seen ‘ The rise of Kirmada’ in Pogo, i would like to make my own story on it. Few children should have seen ‘Chhota bheem and Krishna – Pataliputra’ When Kirmada`s body rises up and disappears and dissolves into dust. Kirmada`s spirit leaves the body and is thrown out of earth by Bheem. Have you heard of Kirmada? Kirmada is an evil demon who plans to take over the earth. This is my story on the third time Kirmada is defeated. Read on to unread!

It is a fine day at Dholakpur. Bheem and his team await their friend Kanha`s visit. Raja Indraverma keeps them busy by asking them to play with Indumati. Bheem said-“I have been waiting for ages Chutki, and still there is no sign of Kanha.” “Unless you find him here!” said a naughty voice behind a tree.” Kanha!” everyone exclaimed! Kanha pops out from a nearby tree smiling. Bheem hugs him and tells him to play hide-seek with them. Kanha was the catcher. He used his powers to find out where the others were hiding. They all had a good game. Kanha plays with the team happily. He is excited that the others are together again. But deep inside the earth, things were going to be bad soon……….

Kirmada`s spirit, though scared of asking Shaitaan any more help, went to him anyway. He stammered-” MMMyyy……. guruu`s help iis neeedeedd…… ” The guru of Kirmada`s eyes shone with blood.  He boomed-” So you have failed again….. I will have to give you more powers when i think you have enough! Well….. listen now : There is soon going to be a lot of changes in the orbit of the planets. According to my astrology, there will be a solar and lunar eclipse at the same time in an auspicious hour in the phase of Karthikam, At that time i will transform you to your normal form. You will have to stop the sun from coming back to its normal place. Then…. you will have the most supernatural powers! When you get them the dead men and the corpses which you had taken control of earlier, will become alive! Attack your enemy`s kingdom and fulfill your desire. Kirmada bowed down until his head touched his knees, gratefully.

Meanwhile, Kanha settled down in Bheem`s home. When he was in deep sleep, he had a dream that Shaitaan was laughing evilly, with Kirmada for company. Kanha wondered why he had this dream. He tried to sleep, but in vain. He could see the people of Earth running panic-stricken with fear. Kirmada looked like a monster going to kill everyone. Krishna woke up and alerted Bheem. Krishna told-” Bheem, strange thoughts are going through my mind. I feel that Kirmada is going to come back.” Bheem nearly fell out of the thought of good sleep. He stared at Kanha with widened eyes wondering if it was a joke. Kanha said-” We have to be prepared Bheem.” and slept off.

The next morning they went out to the desert where the had often battled with their army. Raja Indraverma said- We will be prepared for them, while you can go and play. Raju and Bheem were determined to go for finding more facts on this. Kanha was in Bheem`s side and Chutki and Jaggu too. Kalia chooses to play. Dholu and Bholu went with Bheem and seeing that, Kalia joined them. They went to Dholakpur forest deep inside. But suddenly, that was the time when the hour was going to happen! The earth and the moon began to move vigorously. Kanha sensed that something was going wrong. He warned Bheem and team. Chutki began to cry but Bheem said sternly- “we have to protect Dholakpur and the world! Watch out, that must be Kirmada!”  There was Kirmada! He was big and strong and marching up to the highest mountain. Kanha shouted something and ran towards Kirmada. Bheem too followed. He kicked the demon in his face and lifted him up. That only made the job easier! Kirmada caught hold of the sun and did not let it to get out. Oh no! Kirmada laughed cruelly as his body began to grow few thorns and a spiky wings. He rose up and gave a cry of triumph! He spread out his wings and flew further north. And in the battlefield, there was a  great battle going on. Zombie soldiers bit the alive soldiers and fought with them. Bats and creatures flew around the place. Bheem mounted on Shishak the king of eagles with the team. He chased Kirmada to see where he led them to. The maharaj was disheartened without Bheem. Then his horse turned to a flying horse! He bought Indumati with him to follow Bheem. Then the raja mounted on the eagle too. There was a sigh of relief from Indu. Kirmada led them to a new land, Pataliputra! The dead men, who were familiar to them waved with angriness.

At the kingdom of Pataliputra, Kirmada flew. He disguised himself as a soothsayer again and welcomed the king with a smile. The king forgot the bad soothsayer in the past who had duped him and welcomed him too. The team went in to meet the maharaj. And were surprised to find him with the soothsayer. They shut their mouths and lashed at the soothsayer. Then the king kept them in prison! Oh what a miserable thing! Chasing that Kirmada and landing up here! said Kalia angrily. He glared at Kanha and Kanha found a passage there! He had slipped on a piece of cloth which moved a rock, to reveal a passage! The others looked in delight! They started to climb down quietly and soon, the reached a waterfall. Krishna could hear sounds far away. He knew that meant Kirmada was causing havoc to Pataliputra. Krishna dived in the pool and thought for a while. He decided to fight with Kirmada. He told his plan to Bheem and they agreed. Krishna went to Kirmada personally and looked at him hard. He found out that his left elbow was his weakest part of the body, by seeing him almost use that for nothing. He signaled to Bheem who jumped to a chariot and beckoned Kanha to pull it for him. Kanha then went to attack Kirmada! With a hard punch, he hit the left elbow and twisted his ear. Kirmada cried in pain. Bheem lifted him and circled and threw him away! Then Kanha used his powers to kill Kirmada. The demon`s powers shielded him but were a little weak. Krishna killed Kirmada who was dead forever!


8 comments on “Chhota bheem&Krishna – The rise of Kirmada

  • Nive, Ha ha ha — The director might call you for his next script of Chota Bheem and Kanha.
    I can visualize how worse Kirmada would have sounded after bieng restored back.Nice to see that at the end always Good triumps over evil and bravery over cowardice. Keep writing.


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